We have started The Lottery Helpers Club to provide our research to other people who would like to hit it big in the lottery. One of the mathematical factors that the state uses to make money from the lottery is called the Principle of Scale. That simply means that the more people who play, the more Florida earns. Fortunately, the Principle of Scale works both ways. The Lottery Helpers Club seeks members who want to apply that principle in their playing.

The club is simplicity itself. You sign up for the club. You can join at any of four levels: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum. I’ll explain the levels later.

After joining, each day, at the time indicated, you contact us and alert us to the number of picks you will be playing the following day. We do our daily analysis and we send you the very best picks for that day. You play the numbers, and hopefully, you win something.

Now we need to be clear here. We are not promising that we will supply the winning numbers. It would be illegal for us to promise that. What we can say is that our analysis has demonstrated repeatedly that we can GREATLY increase the chances that you will have a winning ticket. And when we say “GREATLY” we mean by a factor of 4 to 8 times greater chance than without our analysis.


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Membership Monthly Cost Picks per Day
Basic $10.00 Up to 10
Silver $20.00 Up to 20
Gold $30.00 Up to 50
Platinum $50.00 Up to100

STEP TWO: Play the picks we send you. You will get exclusive picks. That means that no other member of The Lottery Helpers Club will be given those same picks for that day.

It is just that simple.

The Lottery Helpers Club is going to be limited to 2,500 members. When the membership reaches 2,500 anyone wanting to join will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when an opening in the club is available for them.


1. To do a daily, in-depth analysis of the Florida Fantasy Five lottery and to mathematically project the probabilities of each 5-number combination winning that particular day.

2. On a daily basis, to supply you with the best picks available for your membership level for as long as you are a member.

Click download to read the User Agreement for Lottery Helpers Club members.

REFUND POLICY for Services Rendered:
No refunds are available for services rendered at the request of a client.
Prior to performing any services, a detailed estimate will be provided for approval.
Payment for services are expected prior to commencement of services.
You understand that once we provide services to you our fees are Non-Refundable. Membership fees are not dependent upon results.

1. To play all of the 5-number picks you ask us to send to you each day.

2. To pay us a royalty of 10% if we supply you with the winning 5-pick for any day.

CHARTER MEMBERSHIP: The first 2,500 people who join The Lottery Helpers Club will be Charter Members. Charter membership offers a special incentive. Any charter member who plays the 5-number combinations we send them throughout the month– and who does not at least win back his membership fee–will have his monthly membership fee waived the following month.

If effect, you cannot lose.


The law requires that we put a disclaimer in, so here goes. In order to be eligible to become a member of The Lottery Helpers Club, you must legally be eligible to engage in playing the Florida Fantasy Five lottery. Basically, that means that you must be able to physically purchase lottery tickets in Florida and that you are older than 18 years of age.

One last disclaimer. If you have a serious gambling addiction, it is an emotional and psychological problem that you should seek professional help in dealing with.

Now on to happier thoughts. To join The Lottery Helpers Club, go to our
Registration page and fill out the simple form.