Pure and simple, the purpose of The Lottery Helpers Club is to assist you in your striving to WIN THE BIG ONE in the Florida Lottery’s Fantasy 5 game.

Hello, my name is Ron Finley. I have had a double-pronged career. For decades I was the county property appraiser in a rural county in Illinois. I was also a farmer on some of the richest land in the Midwest.91702-87952

Those two aspects of my career blended together in some surprising ways. The main way was that my job as county property appraiser required me to examine large amounts of data to fairly accomplish my responsibilities. I had to analyze property sales, cost studies, abstracts, and various other heavy number-crunching roles. That dovetailed with my farming because I was continually analyzing to discover more efficient means of increasing the yield from my acres. Sitting on that tractor for long hours gave me plenty of time to do some thinking on many subjects. One of them was the lottery.istock_000019480533xsmall

The result was a pattern of analysis and application that spread throughout my life like the ivy vines at Wrigley Field.

A few years ago I got interested in the lottery. Specifically in the Florida lottery’s five pick game, Fantasy 5. I came at the lottery the same way I approached my dual careers. I started doing analysis and study, mainly on a pad of paper.

That analysis resulted in the discovery of what seemed to be “patterns” for lack of a better word. I began detecting what seemed to be recurring themes and patterns. A light bulb popped on and I asked myself, “If there are patterns, how can I take advantage of them?”


I decided to do a more structured, thorough examination of the lottery in an effort to isolate these patterns that my preliminary examination seemed to find. I sought out a computer programmer/mathematician named Joe Mosier and working together we built a software system that utilizes the power of the computer and the functionality of math to increase the chances of hitting the lottery.

Our system increases the chances of winning the five-pick lottery exponentially, by a factor between 4 to 8.

And now, through The Lottery Helpers Club, you can benefit from all of the research, analysis and study that Joe and I have accomplished.