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Most people believe that the various lotteries run by the states all are based on a premise of randomness that lacks any type of pattern or rationale.

Fortunately, that simply is not true.

I say “fortunately” because that lack of randomness means that, as the lotteries have progressed, patterns have emerged that enable us to greatly increase the probabilities of winning a large prize in the lottery.


The best news is that you do not have to go to school for years to learn all the mathematics behind increasing your chances of taking advantage of the patterns that emerge in the lottery.

That is where enters the picture. We have done the research and analysis. We have developed the software to analyze the lottery on a daily basis. The algorithms copyrighted in our software can greatly increase the probability of your winning the lottery.

In short, if you want the very best chances to win the lottery, joining the Lottery Helpers Club is your answer.

Currently, we have concentrated our efforts on the Florida Lottery’s Fantasy 5 lottery. It is a daily, 5-pick lottery with 36 numbers. The daily prize is almost a quarter of a million dollars. As time goes on we will expand our efforts to other states’ 5-pick lottery.


Now, I want to be crystal clear here. We are not guaranteeing that if you join the Lottery Helpers Club you will win the lottery on any sort of regular basis.

We cannot guarantee that you will ever win the lottery. Nobody can realistically make that guarantee. What we can guarantee– and what we do guarantee– is that on a daily basis we will do the analysis that will greatly improve your chances of winning the lottery.

To see how we can help you find success in the Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery, navigate through our website.

By the time you are finished, we feel sure that you will be excited about just how greatly we can improve your chances.